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Rebound sex.

A long-haired brunette stands in the stairwell of an apartment building. She is very sad and her upstairs neighbor asks her what is going on. She tells him that her boyfriend just broke up with her. He comforts her and asks if she has ever thought about rebound sex. What the fuck is rebound sex she asks. That is considered casual sex that helps you get through the pain of a breakup with your ex. The handsome boy invites her to his apartment and they walk upstairs. She wears a super short mini skirt, we just can’t peek under. And her high heels make her look nice and slutty.

Massage and foreplay.

When they are standing by the coat rack, he takes her coat and asks her to sit at the table. He takes her hair and puts it around her neck so that her shoulders are exposed. While massaging her neck and shoulders, he tells her one more time what rebound sex is. And that it will make her forget her cheating ex-boyfriend. If you look closely you can see her nipples through the yellow top. But you understand that it won’t be long before the boy pulls her top down and then gently kneads her breasts. She soon surrenders completely and begins to kiss him. He makes the nipples look nice and hard and the girl tries to take his pants off.

Rebound sex blowjob.

Moments later, the boy is leaning completely naked against the kitchen counter. The girl puts her long hair back on her neck. He takes over and makes a tail out of it. She grabs his already stiff cock with one hand and tells him that she has never seen such a nice cock. Immediately his rigid penis disappears in her mouth. Slowly she closes her lips around his cock head. And as she moves her hand towards his balls she takes his boner deeper into her mouth. When the boy threatens to go too deep into her throat, she stops and licks his mushroom cock. He tries to deepthroat her for a while but she pushes him towards the table.

Cowgirl rebound sex for real.

When the boy lies on his back on the table, she squats above him. She tells her neighbor that she has never fucked anyone but her ex-boyfriend. Well, that’s exactly why rebound sex is so damn good he says. So she grabs his rock-hard cock and leads it to her wet shaved cunt. His top is in, she hesitates for a moment and then squats down. His cock takes possession of her nice tight pussy. She slowly starts to fuck and goes up and down faster and faster. The boy grabs her hips and guides the rhythm a bit. Her hard firm perky tits move up and down a little bit. But they are too small to swing. The closeup from behind also shows her horny asshole.

Fuck from behind.

The rebound sex now continues as she leans forward over the table. She stands with her legs straight as the boy enters her from behind. She moans loudly and falls forward on the table. Her breasts are now flat on the table and she is being fucked hard from behind. Meanwhile, the boy puts his arm around her hips so that he can touch her clitoris. This is not how she usually is being boned. So she takes the initiative and lies on her back on the table. Rebound sex made her do things she had never done before.

Missionary Sex.

She pulls her knees up a little while spreading her legs. Because she is on her back you can now see that she has very sweet tits. Maybe even flat-chested and that looks horny. What’s even hornier is that he is now between her spread legs. Now the ass and hips move from the front to back and he grabs her hips and screws harder and harder. Especially as he clasps her neck and pulls her head up. The girl is moaning loudly now and is not used to being fucked so hard. When the camera finally films from above, we can finally see her bald cunt. The legs are pulled apart so he can go deeper and deeper into her slit.

On top, great rebound sex position.

They get onto a chair and the flat-chested girl fucks him the reverse cowgirl way. This allows us to finally get a good look at her shaved bald pussy. The outer labia look swollen and her inner lips are tight over his shaft. Her eyes turn completely away the moment she has her first vaginal orgasm ever. But notices that her neighbor is about to shoot his cum inside her, but she won’t allow a creampied pussy and quickly jumps off him.

First cum facial.

The horny boy looks at her questioningly and she gets down on her knees. Right in front of his cock. Now it is time to suck his cock and she works much faster than the first blowjob. Unfortunately her mouth cramps and stops sucking. But she wanks him off faster and faster and waits for his warm sperm. Which shoots out with a lot of force and her face and small breasts are covered with jizz.
Rebound sex she says, and looks at her neighbor. I hope we have sex a lot more often.