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She smiles at him and kisses him back. The man sits down on the couch and pulls the amateur girl back while he holds her breasts. The top quickly goes up and this amateur slut is not wearing any bra. While they keep kissing he kneads her medium-sized tits. She has small nipples that harden quickly. Moments later the amateur girl lies on her back and he pulls off her panties right over her ankles. Her Brazilian-style shaved pussy looks well-groomed. And she spreads her legs and he kisses her thighs. The bald asshole sticks out his tongue and starts licking her vagina exuberantly. The amateur slut has super hot labia. She has those tasty pieces of meat flap and his tongue slides easily against her clitoris. It’s a shame that the eating-out scene is so short.

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The man then stands and they unbutton his jeans together. It immediately falls to the ground and his half-hard cock jumps up. He’s not even wearing any underwear. So that pervert knew exactly that he was going to fuck this amateur girl. She puts her brown hair behind her ears and grabs his shaft and opens her mouth. He takes her hair in a ponytail and pushes her head and presses his cock deep into her mouth. I am very surprised that the amateur girl can take his thick big cock so deep in her mouth. I’m not a fan of the way he fucked her face but he doesn’t feel sorry for her.

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Then when they lie sideways on the couch, his erect penis is already deep in her bald vagina. His balls are also shaved and therefore very bald. He lifts her leg slightly so that he can slide in more easily. While he puts his thumb in her mouth, The amateur babe sucks it hard. Meanwhile, he pushes his fat cock up to his balls in her wet bald vagina. At first, he fucks her quickly but a moment later he slows down considerably. Time for the doggy-style position.

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Her hands rest on the pillow and her knees are bent. Those beautiful firm tits are now pointing down and his dick is in her slit again. His hands hold her hips and as he squeezes them he pulls her towards him. With every thrust into her cunt, her breasts wobble back and forth. The closeup shows a beautiful image of the amateur girl’s tight pussy. His cock head just barely fits into the tight pussy.

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