Stepmommy Knows Best – S5:E5

Anissa isn’t impressed with what her stepson, Oliver Faze has chosen to wear for his date. She tells him they’re going to go to his room and she’ll help him choose something for his date. Anissa starts going through Oliver’s drawers to pull clothes out. She chooses a new shirt and shorts for him, then tells him to take his hat off. When she sees Oliver’s hair, Anissa insists he go to the bathroom so she can fix that, too.Once Anissa has finally finished with Oliver, she begins complimenting him on how nice he looks. The more she looks at her stepson’s body, the more Anissa begins to understand that she’s really attracted to him. Oliver puts up a little bit of resistance, but Anissa claims she doesn’t have sex with his father anymore and that they can make this their little secret. That’s all the reassurance Oliver needs to let his hot busty stepmommy begin gobbling his dick in an enthusiastic BJ.They return to Oliver’s room with a new goal in mind: getting each other off. Anissa resumes her blowjob and then climbs onto Oliver’s hardon. She rides him in cowgirl so he can palm those titties and squeeze her nipples, then turns around to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Oliver loves having the chance to squeeze that big ass. He gets even more of a show when he pounds Anissa in doggy. On her back, Anissa welcomes Oliver back into her velvet glove as he gives her trimmed twat one more go with the cock. Pulling out, he busts a big nut all over Anissa’s tits to leave her smiling at the huge load her stepson has just delivered.