What are swingers?

Swingers are sexually enterprising people. In addition to making love to their partner, swingers also make love to other couples. Women usually have sex with both men and women. Men especially with women. Swingers love thrills and like to have sex with someone else. There is still a taboo on it that many swingers prefer not to talk about their swinging abilities. Swinging involves a specific form of group sex, in which the group is formed by married couples or couples in love. So it is a form of erotic intimate friendship. Swingers sex videos are not that common.

There are different levels of swinging.

The two most famous are Soft Swap and Full Swap and then you also have same-room sex. go here to watch a same room swinger party.
Soft swap is the form of partner exchange that does not involve sexual intercourse. The couples exchange partners to kiss, caress, and massage but the other partner is not fucked.
Full swap means that one also has intercourse with other partners. Everything is allowed as long as the swingers give each other permission. Anal sex is not always a no-no.
Same-room sex is a fake form of swinging. Two or more couples have sex in the same room, each with their own partner. This involves a voyeuristic and exhibitionistic element.

When do swingers go wild.

Of course, it’s not very smart to go swinging to save a bad sexual relationship with your partner. On the contrary: to swing, partners must have a rock-solid relationship as they push boundaries that can cause stress in their relationship. Jealousy is out of the question because if you suffer from this, swinging is not for you. Many Swingers go to swingers clubs, but swingers also date other interested couples at home. This gives a better intimate atmosphere and more control. But most swingers usually start with their first swingers club visit. Here they can take a look around and from there decide whether or not to proceed. and maybe to perform in Swingers sex videos.

Are there limits to swinging?

Swingers often indicate that swinging should be fun for 4. Respect and safety are very important aspects in this respect. Usually, it is established couples who have been in a relationship for a while that start Swinging.
Swinging certainly does not mean that people do everything with others. With the soft swap, as mentioned before, it is about caressing and kissing, often this eventually turns into blowjobs and pussy eating. To pass, when everyone is ready in the full swap. Fucking another partner doesn’t always have to happen in the same room. My wife loves to swing but not with snoopers. so she will never perform in Swingers sex videos. The same room sex is therefore not meant for everyone.
Boundaries must be indicated. Anal sex is enjoyable for many people. But if you suddenly stick your stiff cock in a dry ass you can sometimes get a slap in the face. So talk about this in advance. Every couple has its limits while making love. So do not try things that you are not allowed to do with your partner.

Combination of swinging.

Usually, it concerns male-female couples who meet other male-female couples for sex. But swinging has more forms. You can of course name them yourself. Research shows that many women have fantasies about having sex
with another woman. There are even swinger couples where the women have sex with each other while the men just watch. But you can imagine that there are also men who have sex with men. From this arise the orgy swinger evenings. Everyone has sex with everyone. It is of course quite an experience if 3 people bring your body to an incredible peak and orgasm. It sometimes goes so far that 1 person is blindfolded and the others all have oral sex with that person. It’s great to be able to guess exactly who was next and when. Yes, guys sometimes you get sucked by a man and you cum in his mouth when you thought it was your own woman who made you orgasm.

Where do swingers meet?

Some couples are only after a horny sex evening while others limit it to flirting. Swingers often meet in advance through dating sites. A real meeting can happen at home or in a so-called swingers club. These clubs are aimed at this kind of erotic encounter and have a form of security. No means no and that is exactly observed here. Making Swingers sex videos is often not allowed.

Hot wifing and cukolding.

Hot wife the guy is in charge, basically pimping out his wife and enjoying the fact that other guys want and are enjoying his woman.
Cuckolding is where SHE and the other guy are in charge, it often involves a bull, but sometimes even several at once. Hey often has to do with the humiliation of the man. It also excites him to watch his wife another
guy sucks or fucks while she then makes humiliating remarks to him. For example, a friend comes in and says your wife called me because she wanted to get fucked. But your cock is too small to spoil her. Or the woman
is sucking and then looks around and says to you, finally a big cock he makes me so horny.

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Swinger story.

My husband and I began our swinging adventure as soft swap, mostly because we were new to the lifestyle and weren’t sure how it all worked. We wanted to take it slow. Gradually, as we lightly played with other people and
indulged in both watching and being watched, we began talking about the idea of ​​actually fucking other people. We were both a little surprised when it turned out that we both liked the idea of ​​having sex with other people and we both were turned on by the thought of watching the other have sex with someone else. From that point on, a full swap was not a necessity for a fun night but was definitely on the table.