Hanging breasts Why do I love them?

Hanging breasts have been my biggest turn-on since I was 18 years old. My neighbor was about 38 years old and she had a couple of big hanging breasts. I’ve enjoyed watching the girls’ tits at school for a while now. Most had medium-sized tits but my attention went to the big melons. And my neighbor’s hooters were huge. I was really into her and I would jerk off weekly while fantasizing about her.

Jerking of.

One day she was busy setting up a pool because the weather was really hot. I decided to help her. She was wearing hot pants and a loose shirt. Every time she bends down to pick up something I could peek under her shirt. Unfortunately, she was wearing a bra but her cleavage was visible. In the evening when I was home I jerked myself off twice thinking about the hanging breasts of my neighbor.

Wet t-shirt.

The next day was another hot day and she said I could come and cool off in her pool. So I put on my swimming trunks at home and walked to her garden. I called her as I walked on. She startled and covered her breasts just before I could catch a glimpse. My whole body tingled and I turned around quickly and said sorry. She quickly put on a t-shirt and told me to turn around. I was bummed that I just couldn’t see her big hanging breasts. But now I could see her nipples poking through the t-shirt. I felt my dick grow and I dove into the pool as fast as I could.

Long nipples saggy breasts.

The neighbor walked in and came over with a glass of drink. She set it on the floor in front of me and while she did I could sneak a peek at her sagging breasts. She had beautiful long nipples and dark areolas. My cock got so hard that I was in the pool for at least 30 minutes. When my penis finally settled down I ran home and jerked myself off thinking about her saggy breasts. The days after I didn’t dare to go by but she kept insisting.

Tiny bikini top

In the end, I went swimming again but this time it was something different. She was now wearing a bikini and her big breasts were wrapped up tightly in a tiny bikini top that was too small. She asked if I could grab the sun oil inside. When I came back she was lying on her stomach and she had loosened the bikini straps. She had such big breasts that the sides made a big bulge. You understand she wanted me to rub her back and while I did my cock grew. I quickly moved to the other side of the chair so she wouldn’t see. My cock was now above my swimming trunks and I had to do something quickly before she saw it.

Tan lines.

But suddenly she turned around and she had her hands covering her nipples and holding her saggy breasts up. I was shocked because my cock was standing proudly and my cock head was popping over my speedo. She looked at me and said, “I should go and cool off in the pool.” I jumped into the cold water and apologized. She laughed and said that I had
nothing to be ashamed of. Because she didn’t expect me to like her hanging breasts. And she asked if I was okay with her tanning topless because she didn’t want to get tan lines. Duh of course I liked that.

Sagging breasts.

She stood up and walked with her sagging breasts towards the edge of the pool. She sat down with her feet in the water and looked at me. I was rock hard but luckily she couldn’t see it. She made a bowl out of her hands and grabbed some water from the pool. Then she splattered that all over her saggy tits. My imagination ran wild and I could already see my sperm running down her breasts.

Sperm in the pool.

I couldn’t help but I came into the pool. And if you have ever cum underwater as a man, you know exactly what happens, that jizz will float. I’ve never been so ashamed but when the seed floated to the top, the neighbor jumped into the water and went to stand behind me. She pushed her saggy boobs against my back and said, “what just happened?” I started to cry in shame and she comforted me. She whispered in my ear that she thought it was super horny that I turned her on like that. I apologized
again and told her I had never seen a woman’s bare tits except on the internet.

My first handjob.

She wrapped her arms around my hips and grabbed my cock. If you’ve never seen saggy breasts, you never have fucked I guess. I nodded and my cock got hard again. She jerked me off and I started moaning again. But she immediately stopped and turned me around, took my hands, and placed them on her breasts. Please play with my hanging breasts, she said. Grab them and play with my nipples. Her long nipples made me rock hard and I was already about to cum. She swam away and looked at me from the other side of the pool. She put her hands under the water and took off her shorts. Then she waved her thong above her head and threw it at me. I could see very faintly that she had black pubic hair.

Loosing my virginity.

As she swam back to me, I saw her saggy breasts spread slightly apart, they moved to the side. She stood in front of me and pushed her whole naked body against me. She grabbed the edge of the pool and put her feet next to my hips, against the edge of the pool, lifting herself slightly. I grabbed her hips as she grabbed my rock-hard cock. She rubbed my cock over her labia and just before I was about to cum she slid her vagina over my cock-head. As she slowly pushed her vagina over my dick, my cum poured into her cunt.

The poolboy.

I moaned loudly and she whispered in my ears again. “This is the 2nd time
that you cum in my pool and I think you should be my pool boy because it needs to be cleaned.” That same summer I became a huge fan of saggy breasts. I will never forget how this lady with her hanging boobs gave me my first fuck experience.

Men about saggy boobs.

I am so horny and love saggy, deflated breasts that are far apart.
Hmm, I can’t say exactly why, but I think for me part of the appeal is that they are so natural.
And saggy tits can swing and hang, which is sexy.
Anyway, her breasts are big, but also naturally a bit saggy.
What comes up must come down. Gravity just pulls those saggy breasts down.
My girlfriend always worries about this. The truth is that while she sees saggy breasts in the mirror, I see the hot and sexy girl I’m about to have super hot sex with.

Women speak.

Stand up and lean forward and let your breasts swing, shake and swing around, that’s just fun, I like the feeling.
Touching your breasts is fun, I like to gently squeeze my tits it gives me a satisfying feeling.
Whether doggy style or good old missionary, saggy boobs are the perfect holds. Honey, let your saggy tits hang.
I think it’s a wonderful sound when my breasts hit my ribcage during the doggy position.
My husband likes it when I wrap my saggy boobs around his shaft and then give him a boob job. He regularly cums in my cleavage.

Synonyms for saggy boobs.

flabby chest,
rodeo titties, (When a girl swings her saggy tits while being ridden by a big COCK.)
Banana tits, (when a woman’s tits are saggy, conical, and look like a pair of bananas)
Deflated balloons.

Yes, men like flabby breasts.

I’m more likely to notice if she doesn’t have saggy boobs. Then they are often fake tits and I hate those.
Saggy breasts are a reality, if I get to see a woman’s breasts, it means I want to have sex with her.
Do the saggy breasts have nipples? then I am satisfied because I want to suck nipples.
It’s okay for a woman’s breasts to be flabby as long as they’re in good shape.
You can create a stunning cleavage, with this you will attract the attention of all the men and they will stare at your hanging breasts. We all know that look when another guy thinks your girl is hot and has a great rack.