Glasses and girls why are they so hot.

Every time I see a girl with glasses I stop and look after her. My imagination runs wild right away. The idea of ​​shooting my cum over her face turns me on. But why is that?

Four eyed women.

Men find women wearing glasses to look sexy, sultry, and innocent. In the porn industry, it has become its niche, the glasses fetish niche. There are thousands of porn videos made with girls wearing glasses. And you can watch those horny four-eyed women videos here.

Women wearing spectacles during sex.

In the private sphere, many women who wear glasses don’t know whether to leave their spectacles on when they have sex. Some just have to because otherwise they just don’t see anything. And blindly searching for your man’s cock can be painful.
Most women take off their blinkers before getting into bed for some wild sex. There is nothing more annoying, for the spectacle wearer, than that the glasses suddenly fly across the room during a hardcore position
doggy style sex. Or during the cowgirl session, up and down and in and out over that cock and boooom, the fames fall on his belly.
But these stories are from people who often don’t find glasses sexy. But there are millions of guys who get turned on when seeing a lady who does wear goggles.
I always ask my wife to wear her glasses during sex. Because I can just come faster because it makes her look super sexy.

Hot girls with glasses.

It makes them feel confident. They have that look of, you can try whatever you want but you won’t get your fingers in my panties. They are unreachable and that’s exactly what those girls make them so fucking horny for a man.

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Many men fantasize about those glasses-wearing college girls who are still naive. Then think of the teacher who tutors his students for a nice blowjob. Or that horny student who wants to pick up her grades and the teacher fucks the shit out of her. Those are fantasies about girls with glasses. And what do we assholes want most? Just spray our cum all over those lovely faces with glasses.
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Some people believe that a woman wearing cheaters is more feminine. Men are attracted to feminine women. While spectacles help in framing the face and drawing attention to the facial features.