Amateur couple having a quicky before her parents catch them.

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A brunette with a horny bun on her head is setting the table. Her parents will come to visit. She is wearing short hot pants and a sexy blouse. When her boyfriend comes to help her, he gets horny. The amateur couple can of course make a quick fuck before her parents come. He kisses her neck which is exactly one of her erogenous zones and the jitters fly through her stomach. When her hot pants are off she turns out to be wearing super ugly granny panties so we won’t talk about that because it will make your cock go limp.


Soon they are sitting on the couch and he rubs her panties until she gets wet panties. But soon she sits topless in front of him and grabs his semi-rigid cock in her hand. While sucking his dick gets bigger and she grabs his cock with both hands. She has good blowjob skills. Because she now takes his balls in one hand while she jerks him off with her other hand and sucks too. That slut may take my cock in her warm mouth for sure fuck she is a blowjob queen. Her boyfriend plays with her tan-lined c-cup breasts for a bit.

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However, the amateur couple needs to speed up a bit because her parents are coming soon. So he sits down behind her and sticks his now rigid boner up her cunt from behind. As he thrusts in and out of her vagina, her c-cup tits wiggle back and forth nicely. It’s funny to watch the boy’s balls. At every thrust, they clap against her bald labia.

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This amateur couple goes from the doggie position to the missionary position. When her leg leans against his shoulder, he pushes inside her wet cunt again. You can now see that the girl has a bit of a chubby tummy. He is now pounding hard and when he grabs her hips she begins to finger her clitoris. What a lovely shaved slit that slut has. Of course, it makes everyone horny. She is moaning and getting a nice long orgasm.

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He thrusts on and her tan lined tits wiggle up and down. But the boy now chooses the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position. The closeup shows that the girl’s pussy lips are tight around his shaft. She turns and lays flat on his stomach but he continues to penetrate her deeply. When she looks at the clock, she knows that she has to speed up. She hates it terribly but decides to blow him one more time.

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She hates it because now she has to taste her cunt juices and she also knows she’s going to have a sperm shower. But this time it has to be because her parents are coming soon. She takes his cock back in her mouth and now starts to suck it deeply. She knows that this makes her boyfriend super horny. When he pulls back, she has to quickly swallow a lot of salivae. While he jerks his dick, the girl waits patiently. But when he sprays his sperm over her face, she is still shocked. Holy shit I hate a jizz facial she says.